Friday, November 9, 2007

Alli's firsts...

Hello...this week we introduced rice/oatmeal cereal to Alli...she did really good! She was definitely ready for it. I am giving it to her 2 times a day. She hasn't quite rolled over yet, but she is minutes away from doing soooo...
I attended Mr. Tom Gardner's funeral yesterday, it was so inspirational? Can I say that? It was so motivating, to see such faithfulness in a person...You could compare him to Paul. He was so selfless and was so concerned for souls. I pray that I can be more Christ like in that sense. I think the best "line" at the funeral was from his son Miss. Dan Gardner, he said "My dad is probably looking down from heaven, feeling sorry for us, b/c we are down here and not up there with him/Jesus!"...WOW!!! I think that puts lifes problems and situations in perspective! Praise God for all the years that he let us get to know Tom Gardner.
I'm feeling quite exhausted from this past week...emotionally, spiritually and physically! Pray for me and our family.
Anyways...on a lighter note. We are going to spend the weekend with my grandma and sister. Just hanging out and enjoying each others company. I hope Mark get's his deer this weekend. He has spotted a big buck, but it's been too far away to shoot.
We planned a mini vacation for next Wednesday-Thursday so we will be heading up to Beautiful Ely, MN again!!!
I will have to post the photo of the kids. I am just too lazy to run upstairs and download the pictures, ever been there?
Anyways. Have a good Godly weekend.


Shannon Fure said...

Good work on the cereal. You're an old pro with your kids! Be praying for you this week. Have a good one.

kirk & bren said...

Hi Krista,

I wish I could have been at Mr. Gardner's funeral, I am going to miss seeing him, but I am happy for him to be in heaven. I will be praying for you all too, how is everything going? Faith is also close to rolling over!!

Love you

Shannon Fure said...

Krista, so good to see you the other night. Wish we could have talked more. hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
Love, the Fures!

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