Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet Sydney

We have been having a lot of cold weather day we woke up to -19!'s a blizzard out there right now, our Sunday School program was cancelled for tonight. I haven't written lately, but have been meaning too...Sydney's preschool teacher came up to me last Thursday and put her arm around me and said, "Sydney is just so sweet in class, everytime I bring up Santa Clause, she tells me, Mrs. Lah, Christmas is about Jesus' birth, not Santa!...she said that she is so proud of her, b/c no other kids care about Jesus' like she does and how she doesn't care about presents, just that Jesus gets recognized for Christmas!"...I was praying this season that I could impact the kids towards Jesus this season and not on the other things we get distracted with! She wrote a letter to Santa Clause with her preshool, and she said "Santa, Christmas is about when Jesus was born in Bethlehem...and she asked for presents for everyone of us, except herself! I am just so thankful for her selfless attitude! Ineed to be more like that! Don't forget the real reason of Christmas...our ticket to heaven, escaping hell!


Ruthy said...

Zoe learned "Rudolph" at pre-school, and she was singing it on the way home one day. Finally she stopped for awhile and then said,"Mom, why did those reindeer make fun of Rudolph?" I told her that it was because of his shiny red nose. Without a second thought, she replied, "He should have just said, 'That's how God made me'!" Funny.

Shannon Fure said...

That's so cute! Like mother, like daughter!

Kirk, Bren, Faith said...

The kids look so cute! Carter's hair is really coming in, looks like it is a little darker than it used to be! Sydney is a smart little girl!

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