Friday, February 1, 2008

Kids, Court...Life?

Hello you's been wickedly cold here, so the kids and I are going house-crazy wanting to be outside!
I took a picture of Alli in her outfit from Auntie Melanie, and added the knit hat from grandma krekelberg...matches perfectly! Thanks guys!
We are looking forward to Mark coming home this weekend, b/c all the kids are sick with a cold virus...and let's just face it, we love being with him and miss him while is up in Ely.
We are planning to move to Ely either next weekend or the following weekend.
Our house has not sold, so keep that as a prayer request.
Also, I found out this week that my friend Paul Wirth's dad passed away from cancer at the end of pray for the Wirth family (they just lost his mom about 2 years ago to cancer).
Also, our church has a pastor candidating the next couple of weeks, so really keep the church on the front burner of your prayer life this week...pray for wisdom of our congregation.
Well, yesterday was court, but the attorney's delayed if for another week. So next week I can have an update on how things are moving with Heidi being here.
We are hoping to have her just move to Ely with us. She is doing great, meeting new people, developing her own convictions and relationships.

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The Blacks said...

Hey Krista,
Alli's outfit if sooooo cute!! I can't believe how big she is getting! We are still praying for the house to sell quickly!
Love you and talk to you soon!!
Love, Sharon

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